About Us

Our mission is to promote the exchange of experience between amateur musicians and professionals through actual meetings, going beyond our virtual community.

We, Let´s Jam, are amateur musicians with great love for music and as many others, we struggle with how difficult it is to gather a group to jam. It should be simple, but the truth is that we have our busy lives and when we finally have a break and decide to schedule a jam with our friends, we find out that, unfortunately, they are not available, because your free time does not match theirs.

So we always end up postponing it, besides other problems like traffic, distance and even misunderstandings regarding the repertoire. But we can solve this problem! We want you to have a group of musicians with the same style and interests as you, whenever you decide to have a jam! What we want the most is to get more and more people who play, sing, compose or are involved with musical production, to meet, jam and share a great time.

Whether it’s just for fun or, who knows, maybe something professional! After all, just like soccer, music is a great icebreaker to new friendships! It’s easy to be part of it! You just have to set up your musical profile, letting us know which songs, styles and instruments you play. Then you can join groups and jams that are happening around you! Or you can also create your own, inviting your favourite musicians or leaving it open to whoever wants to join in!

Let's Jam! Where musicians get together!.