We help you make music!

Interact with people to get points and reach the top rank!

Promo rules

How it works

1 - Invite your friends.

2 - Create events.

3 - Join events.

The first ranked by the end of the month get the prize!

Actions that get points:

  1. Invite friend via your unique link.
  2. Create or join events.

Image Rights

The award-winning user allows his avatar and user name to be disclosed in associated networks of Let´s Jam congratulating the award, with the acquisition of some studio time sponsored by Let´s Jam.


(this promo is for brazilians residents only!) The prize will be delivered through the scheduling of an event in Let´s Jam in the studio of user preference, the payment will be in the act of the event by Let´s Jam. The value of the two hours of studio cannot exceed R$150.00 and extra equipment are not included. Let´s Jam holds the right to cancel the award of highest score if it is observed that registered users through the reference links are not musicians and have not completed their profile.

Untie criteria

Some times at the end of the month some people may have the same amount of points, in this case we will use the following criteria:

  1. Most active profile.
  2. Most complete profile.
  3. Most events created.
  4. If its still draw we will give them both.