Terms of Use

1- Acceptance of terms: to navigate or enroll in our platform, you expressly accept all the terms and rules laid down by Let's Jam, including our privacy policy. This term applies to all users of our services. Let's Jam may change these terms of use at any time, without the need for prior notification to the user, therefore, always stay up-to-date on our standards;

2- Our platform: Our platform is dedicated to musicians, both amateurs and professionals, who wish to share experiences and meet other musicians with musical and artistic affinities, with the objective of forming groups for implementation of jams without commitment, training bands, having musical workshops and other music related activities To participate in the platform, the user must complete an on line profile on our web site, containing their personal information and imprint musical, as musical styles, favorite songs to play, level of ability in instruments or musical production. The search tool allows other users are musicians of the same affinity; Groups based in musical styles and goals may be created and within these groups events can be created such as jams, rehearsals and workshops where concerned musicians may enter and participate as accepted by the organizer of each event;

3- Elegibility: Our platform can be used by any user over the age of 13, being that the older than 13 and under the age of 18 years shall count with the permission of their legal guardian. To access our site, the user less old warrant that you have the consent of their parents or guardians, evade our team of any responsibility for the misuse of our services; Is reserved to our team the right to, at its free discretion, suspend or expel the user from the platform as a result of misuse of the system or infringement of any of the provisions contained in these terms;

4- User password: The user agrees to maintain the confidentiality of his password, is fully responsible for the information and content that are available through the profile, as well as liable to immediately inform our team in case of unauthorized use of profile, under penalty of being liable for the consequences of improper use;

5- Freeware: Our platform is completely free to users. Some services offered by Lets Jam, or by a third party, may be levied, however such services will be objects of special conditions that will be negotiated in each particular case;

6- Responsibility regarding the information sent: The user agrees to maintain the confidentiality of your password, is fully responsible for the information and content that are available through the profile, as well as liable to immediately inform our team in case of unauthorized use of profile, under penalty of being liable for the consequences of improper use;

7- Correct and responsible use of the system: The user undertakes to use the platform and the services offered by Lets Jam in accordance with the law, the provisions in these terms of use, with the warnings, regulations of use and instructions brought to its attention by our team. For example, the user agrees not to transmit, distribute or make available, through our platform, information to third parties that: (a) contradict, demean or act against the fundamental rights and public freedoms constitutionally recognized in international treaties and in the legal system as a whole. (b) Induce, incite or promote illegal acts, defamatory, infamous, violent or, in general, contrary to law, morals and morality generally accepted or to public order; (c) Induce, incite or promote actions, attitudes or ideas discrimination because of sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or condition. (d) Incorporate, make available or allow access products, elements, messages and/or illegal services, violent, pornographic, degrading or, in general, contrary to law, morals and morality generally accepted or to public order; (e) Induce or may induce an unacceptable state of anxiety or fear; (f) Induce or encourage them to engage in practices that are dangerous, hazardous or harmful to health or mental equilibrium; (g) They are false, misleading, inaccurate, exaggerated or lighting up, so that they can induce the error on your object or on the intentions or purposes of communicating; (h) They are protected by intellectual property rights or industrial belonging to third parties, without the User having previously obtained their permission to carry out the use that log or you want to make. (i) Haulers infringing trade secrets to third parties; (j) contrary to the law of honor, personal intimacy and family or in his own image of people; (k) break privacy laws; (l) Constituting unlawful, misleading or unfair advertisement and, in general, that constitute unfair competition; (m) incorporate viruses or other physical elements or electronics that may cause damage or prevent the normal operation of the network, the system or computer equipment ( "hardware" and "software") of third parties, or that can cause damage to electronic documents and files stored in computer equipment;

8- User data: The User undertakes to use the content made available by our platform, it being understood as such, in character illustration, the texts, pictures, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links, and other audiovisual content or sound, as well as graphic design and source code (hereafter, the "Content") according to the law, This Legal Notice, the Special Conditions of certain Services and other warnings, regulations of use and instructions placed in your knowledge, as well as with moral integrity and morality generally accepted and, in particular, undertakes to not: (a) Reproduce, copy, distribute, allow public access, transform or modify the Content, unless you have the prior authorization of the holder of the corresponding rights or that is legally allowed. (b) Supress, manipulate, or in any way change the "copyright" and other data for identification of the rights of this platform or of their holders, as well as the technical devices of protection, digital tags or any mechanisms of information that may contain Content; The User should refrain from obtaining or attempting to obtain the Content through means other than those who, in each case, have been placed the provisions for such purposes or that, in general, are usually employed on the Internet for such purposes but have the risk of damage or destruction of the Portal, Services or Content.

9- Use of the services in accordance with the policy Anti-wanted 'spamming' , and user privacy. The user to use our system undertakes to refrain from: (a) Obtain data with purpose advertising and refer advertising of any class with the purpose of sale or other commercial without a prior request and consent. (b) Refer to a group of people any unsolicited messages not allowed previously; (c) Send strings of unsolicited electronic messages not previously allowed. (d) Use distribution lists that can be accessed through the Portal and the Services for the implementation of the activities described in items (a) to (c) above. (e) Place the available to third parties, for any purpose, data captured from distribution lists. When the User provides their e-mail address in any service or tool from our site, the User agrees to allow the Let's Jam add your email address to our database of users. This way, the User can receive one or more e-mails with promotions and news of the Site or its partners.The User is asked to choose not to receive these emails at any time. To do this, simply click on the link "Cancel receiving" in promotional e-mail we sent, or even if you prefer, simply contact us.

10- Exclusion of warranties and liability: Let's Jam deletes, expressly, to their responsibility. To guarantee the availability and continuity of the platform and the services in a permanent manner. In this way, whenever possible, our team shall inform in advance about interruptions in the operation of the platform; Guarantee the absence of virus in the content posted by its users, as well as other harmful elements that can produce changes in your data-processing system (software and hardware) or in electronic documents and files that are stored on your computer; The legality, originality, reliability and usefulness of the content published by a third party on your platform; The facts arising from misuse or improper use of the system, especially with regard to the tool of meeting of musical partners. This platform has as single purpose establish connections arising from musical affinities, however, in any way, be held responsible for events in reason of the meeting between the users of the system; Unlawful Acts committed by users, as a result of transmission, dissemination, storage, delivery, receipt, obtaining or access to content; Infringement of intellectual property rights, business secrets, the contractual commitments of any kind, of rights to honor, to personal intimacy and family, the image of the people and of any nature, perpetrated by users.

11- Advertising or propaganda within the platform Let's Jam. It is sealed to the user to make any form of advertising or propaganda in the environment of our digital platform, through the profiles registered on the site. The spaces dedicated to advertising are exclusive of Let's Jam. Users infraction will be expelled from platform, without notification or notice.

12- Notification and reporting of unlawful acts: All notifications and communications of acts contrary to the laws, the rules of this site, good morals or morality must be reported to the administrator of the Let's Jam through the following e-mail message: atendimento@letsjam.com .

13- Withdrawal and suspension of services: The Let's Jam reserves the right to refuse or withdraw access to the platform or the services provided, at any time without the need for communication in advance, on its own initiative.

14- Applicable Law: This legal notice shall be governed by the laws of Brazil.